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Contact Information


General Agent

John Beckwith

Direct Line: (269) 492-6989

Email: jbeckwith@beckwithgroup.com



Michelle Beckwith-Horton

Direct Line: (269) 492-6990

Email: mhorton@beckwithgroup.com



Stephanie Brown

Office: (269) 375-0000

Email: sbrown@beckwithgroup.com



Tom Ufkes

Office: (269) 375-0000

Email: tufkes@beckwithgroup.com



Deb Bellingar

Office: (269) 375-0000

Email: dbellingar@beckwithgroup.com



Diana Smiles

Office: (269) 375-0000

Email: dsmiles@beckwithgroup.com


Hours Of Operation

Monday - Friday 9:00a.m-5:00pm.

About Us


We are in an industry that is here to serve you the customer. In today's times, you have to make sure your property is protected and even more importantly, your liability. Insurance is something to not be taken lightly. In fact, your insurance plan could be the best investment you make! What would happen if you were sued for a large amount of money? Would you be properly protected? Would your family be properly protected? At Beckwith & Associates Insurance Agency, LLC we take a personal approach to your insurance! It is no longer about "saving 15%"; it is about making sure you have an insurance plan in place that protects you and your family! Contact us today! We look forward to working with you and putting together a plan that fits your needs!




5228 Lovers Lane, Suite 108

Portage, MI 49002


Phone:(269) 375-0000

Toll Free:(800) 237-5504

Fax:(269) 226-8890